Questões de Língua Inglesa da Centro de Seleção e de Promoção de Eventos UnB (CESPE)

Lista completa de Questões de Língua Inglesa da Centro de Seleção e de Promoção de Eventos UnB (CESPE) para resolução totalmente grátis. Selecione os assuntos no filtro de questões e comece a resolver exercícios.

Based on text 9A4CCC, it can be concluded that

  • A. what is assessed and evaluated is more important than how it is assessed and evaluated.
  • B. students must also be asked to evaluate the assessment process.
  • C. students are supposed to do well in their performances only if they are rigorously evaluated.
  • D. not only students but also some other people should be informed about the items of the evaluative process.
  • E. students’ progress depends on the results of research works.

In accordance with text 9A4CCC, it can be concluded that

  • A. students’ needs must be met whatever they are.
  • B. students’ learning can occur regardless of the way they are evaluated.
  • C. assessment as well as evaluation are both the most important factors for learning and teaching English.
  • D. a successful learning of a foreign language like English requires well-built up evaluation procedures.
  • E. teaching a foreign language can only happen if there is an evaluation program.

Based on text 9A4BBB, it can be concluded that

  • A. although many people die, yet a man can take time to notice it.
  • B. it can take time for men to cry.
  • C. people are not free.
  • D. a man doesn’t see anything.
  • E. the sky cannot be seen.

In accordance with text 9A4BBB, it can be deduced that

  • A. the wind has all the answers to mankind problems.
  • B. the mountains and the sea are to be kept apart.
  • C. some human questions are still to be answered.
  • D. it is easy for a man to be called a man.
  • E. cannon balls won’t ever be abolished.

Based on text 9A4AAA, it can be concluded that

  • A. every country must have some kind of cultural difference.
  • B. migrants rarely get used to local cultures.
  • C. each country has its own peculiar way of life.
  • D. it is easy to define the several functions of the language in the culture.
  • E. culture and language are closely related, though culture has a higher social status.

According to text 9A4AAA,

  • A. many speakers in most societies speak more than one language.
  • B. there cannot be culture if there is no language and vice-versa.
  • C. speech in any society can take many very different forms.
  • D. the discussion to attempt to describe the language of a society may turn out to be a controversial matter.
  • E. a society may be seen as complex because of the complexity of the languages spoken by its members.

Concerning the ideas of text 9A4AAA, choose the correct option.

  • A. The relationship between a language and the ways people speak that language can change their experience in the world.
  • B. The syntax of a particular language affects the way the speaker of that language experience the world.
  • C. The relationship between language and culture is well settled among peoples.
  • D. People from various backgrounds are puzzled by the relation between language and culture.
  • E. The exact nature of language and culture and their relation has been fascinating people the world over.

In text 9A3BBB, the word “should” (l.5), is used to express

  • A. an order.
  • B. a recommendation.
  • C. a condition.
  • D. an obligation.
  • E. a permission.

The word “from” is used in the first sentence of text 9A3AAA to specify

  • A. the depth of a concept.
  • B. someone’s name.
  • C. the end of an idea.
  • D. the origin of a process.
  • E. something’s surface.

In text 9A3AAA, the word “clearest” (l.1) expresses the

  • A. lowest degree of clear.
  • B. intermediary degree of clear.
  • C. unequal degree of clear.
  • D. maximum degree of clear.
  • E. comparison of equality of clear.
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