Questões de Língua Inglesa da Intituto de Desenvolvimento Educacional, Cultural e Assistencial Nacional (IDECAN)

Lista completa de Questões de Língua Inglesa da Intituto de Desenvolvimento Educacional, Cultural e Assistencial Nacional (IDECAN) para resolução totalmente grátis. Selecione os assuntos no filtro de questões e comece a resolver exercícios.

In “Although furniture ... varnished items” ALTHOUGH does NOT mean:

  • A. Albeit.
  • B. Hence.
  • C. Nevertheless.
  • D. Notwithstanding.

About the fragment “It was there that he began writing the more than 500 compositions that he was to produce” it is correct to state that:

  • A. A gerund form has passive meaning.
  • B. The use of the gerund is mandatory.
  • C. Only one preposition has been used.
  • D. The relative pronouns can be omited.

Mark the item which contains an inconsistency and its corresponding correction.

  • A. Believed.
  • B. Core.
  • C. Consists.
  • D. While.

Mark the option that correctly completes the sentence about Arnold.

“It’s extremely important that ______________ warned about the consequences of such behavior.”

  • A. Arnold is
  • B. Arnold be
  • C. Arnold to be
  • D. Arnold will be

“You’d better see a doctor” is the contration of:

  • A. You had better see a doctor.
  • B. You would better see a doctor.
  • C. You would better have seen a doctor.
  • D. You could better see a doctor.

According to the text:

  • A. Scott was no longer a slave past the 1868.
  • B. Scott Joplin had been a former freed slave.
  • C. Scott’s parents had been slaves on his birth.
  • D. Prior to 1868 Scott’s folks had been captive.

All options are correct, EXCEPT:

  • A. There is regional inequality between wind power’s yield standards.
  • B. The less fuel we use the more average energy costs might dwindle.
  • C. Overtime fee in renewable energy systems have proven less costly.
  • D. One climatal lineament might rule over regional achievement ability.

In “water-based varieties do not” (line 08) DO NOT means:

  • A. Water-based varnish sorts ought to be invariably colorless.
  • B. Not all water-based varnishes can shift to a yellowish color.
  • C. The yellower a varnish is the better its fallout is going to be.
  • D. Water-based varnishes don’t glare as much as yellow ones.

According to the text:

  • A. To varnish sunglasses’ screws use nail polish.
  • B. Wooden boat hulls are hardly ever enamelled.
  • C. Varnishes should be applied on rough surfaces.
  • D. It takes a handful of varnish tiers for good result.

The main issue of the public service announcement is:

  • A. Disability flops.
  • B. Peculiar disabilities.
  • C. Prejudiced disabled.
  • D. Political correctness.
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